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Saturday, 6 May 2017


This morning the trees were swaying dramatically and it stayed windy for most of the day. Perfect drying conditions for the sheets out on the line.
My gardening job for today was to remove the weeds growing in the cracks between the blocks that make up the concrete slab below the washing lines. This was part of my plan to make the place look well maintained. Sort of adding to the general ambiance rather than anything specific as no doubt whoever lives here next will have their own plans for the garden. Some of the cracks are only just wide enough to get a knife into yet there were dock plants with fat tap roots growing there.  As well as weeding I brushed out as much of the soil as I could to make that area less favourable to the next influx of seeds that will be blown in on the wind.  
Later I baked some chocolate biscuits for Peter. I used a slightly different recipe to the one I usually use which has less sugar. The biscuits look a little odd but I'm sure they'll taste fine. (Okay, I admit to doing some tasting just to make sure.)

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happyone said...

Those windy days with the clothes on the line find me running outside and untangling the clothes from the line.
: )