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Wednesday, 17 May 2017


It rained all morning and then not only was the afternoon drier but it was also warmer. To occupy myself in the morning I had a thorough clear out of all my folders and files. That resulted in several bags of rubbish and more empty space in the sitting room. 
Each time I walk around the garden I see more weeds popping up and even worse- flowering so I took advantage of the dry afternoon to spend some time weeding. I think I got all the weeds in the propagating beds though no doubt a fresh lot will spring up over night.
Squeaky is getting to be very fussy in her old age. One day she'll eat boiled minced turkey, another cheese or sardines. This morning she turned up her nose at all of those options so I tried her with tinned cat food. She ate that with relish and this evening when I gave her turkey and cat food she ate all the cat food and left the turkey. She spends a lot of time yelling at me. Sometimes she wants to sit on my lap, other times she just wants to sit on my pc chair which is what I think she is waiting for right now.
This 'border' along the edge of the old hens' run has gone from a mass of brambles, stinging nettles and other weeds last year to what looks like an established bed full of perennials. I threw in spare plants from around the garden; day lilies, sisyrinchium, something with whorls of yellow flowers and ornamental grasses.

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