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Monday, 15 May 2017


Today has been cold, grey and frequently wet. I thought it would be a good opportunity to go through some of my stored clothes to see which could be passed on to the charity shops. As I've done this several times already I didn't find much to give away. There were a couple of classic straight dresses made of that crinkly, stretchy fabric which is so good for taking on holiday. Admittedly I would prefer to have a few less bulges before wearing them. The chances of losing the weight are a lot higher than of us going on holiday to somewhere nice and warm so really they should go. However while I have them I can persuade myself that there is more a case of when rather than if. I have got a couple of bags of stuff to take to the charity shop so that's something at least.
Peter came home from the doctors' with tales of an extremely long needle and having bravely watched at least part of the injection into his knee which would have been a lot more credible if I hadn't had exactly the same thing done recently. And I usually watch whatever is being done.
Even though I was stuck indoors for most of the day I was able to do some nature watching from the bedroom window. 
 A pregnant looking red deer doe.


happyone said...

Oh I never watch!!!!

Ruta M. said...

I saw some research that showed people experienced less pain if they actually watched and anyway needles have never worried me. Mind you, the sound of a dentist's drill turns me into a quivering wreck.