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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Brief Showers.

It was quite overcast this morning with the threat of showers. We decided to take a chance and head out for a walk around Morte Point. It's been a few months since I've been able to walk along the coast. Not that I couldn't walk but my level of fitness was so low that doing things in the garden was my limit. Also having survived walking up the hill Peter wanted to test his knee on the rough ground. Hopefully he can now get to do some rowing once more.
No sooner had we set foot on the point when it started to rain. Out came our waterproof jackets but by the time we put them on the rain stopped. Apart from the rain it was quite muggy and I preferred to take off my hoody as well as my light jacket. The jackets went back on again when we were on the homeward stretch when there was a slightly longer shower. 
We stopped at our usual bench for coffee and cookies and to gaze at the calm sea. Even though it is the half-term holidays there weren't too many people out walking. Looking across to the beach at Woolacombe there were a lot of people on the sand.
I do like these oriental poppies outside one of the holiday cottages in Mortehoe. 
We drove home through a much heavier shower and I felt sorry for all the people on the beach. Once home I climbed up into the loft to do a bit more clearing. The things I brought down were some old heavy duty long curtains which I shall hang onto for the time being, a couple of fur stoles which I'll put on eBay and another box of glasses from my mother's treasure hunting days. There was a clear stoppered perfume bottle which I'm keeping but unless any of my youngsters want anything the rest will go to the charity shop.
You might think you can't teach an old cat new tricks but it's only been a couple of days and Squeaky already comes when we sign come or stays where she is when we sign stroking. Today she's been lying across the top of the stairs at the first landing and we have to pay a stroking toll to go past. Her food situation also seems to be sorted at least for the moment. She's back on her tinned food which she used to only like when the tin was first opened. Now I cover the tin and keep it in a cupboard at room temperature instead of putting it in the fridge. That seems to be acceptable so perhaps the increased smell makes it taste better. One tin lasts for about a day and a half so it doesn't have time to go off at least in terms of cat digestion.

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Harriet said...

Lovely photos, Ruta, especially the sea and white house. Thank you.