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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Strong Winds.

The views from our bedroom windows this morning were a good reflection of the day's weather. From one window I could see the sunlit green tree against the brightest of blue skies while from the other I could see black clouds against a backdrop of more grey clouds. Strong winds have been blowing clouds across the sky making it boiling hot one minute and grimly cold the next. The rain itself held off until just now (6 pm) when it looked like we were set for a deluge but suddenly it stopped.
We had another viewing at mid-day. Once again we showed the people round but didn't get much of a hint either way. We're thinking of changing estate agents soon as we haven't had much success with the current one. 
Walking around the pond mainly looking for dragonflies my attention was caught by a movement in the water. It was the thrashing tail of a newt which I now know was a male releasing scent to attract a female. I did see a second newt approaching across the water weed but it hid when it saw me.
It's the first year the wisteria has flowered around the kitchen windows and I can't get over how lovely it looks.
We only found out this morning that it's Eurovision tonight. Usually there's a bit of a build up on tv and radio but not surprisingly Brexit and the General Election have dominated the news. No doubt everyone in Europe hates the Brits so it will be null points once again but who cares? It's such fun to watch and we're making an occasion of it with some snacks - hummus with celery and baby tomatoes, lightly salted popcorn for me and olives for Peter.

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happyone said...

Ah the roses are so pretty and the wisteria looks so nice blooming by your house. Just Lovely!!