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Friday, 12 May 2017

Wet and Windy.

Unaccustomed as I am to getting up early 6.00 my attempt to turn off the alarm ended up with me scratching my forehead with my flailing hand. Now it looks like I have a futuristic bindi in between my eyebrows. At the class I tried a different exercise bike for the warm up and it was a lot easier. Apparently as well as the electronic controls on the other bike there is a manual dial to turn to change the resistance. The person who showed me said it took him 4 weeks to work that one out. The standing up and sitting down holding a football exercise was harder today because the football weighed about as much as a cannon ball. After the class I went on into town to meet up with a friend for chat, coffee and cheesecake. There was a new variety - chunky chocolate, which had lots of chocolate extras on top but in the end I had one of my favourites -raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.
Walking through the market I passed by the olive stall with its enticing smelling open bowls of different kinds of olives (love the smell, don't like the taste) to find that they now also sell sweet things, Turkish delight and baklava. If I wasn't on a diet I think I might have succumbed to the Turkish delight.
There was another new stall selling these intricate pop up cards. They were so lovely I began trying to think of any special birthdays or occasions coming up but nothing has come to mind yet.
A close up showing some of the detail. There was a great red dragon which I didn't get in the picture. I had one disappointment when I went into the shop that sells expensive but lovely cards/ornaments/gifts etc. They have a range of very nice silver and glass jewellery and I'd had my eye on a particular necklace as a reward for losing a whole stone. You've guessed it, they didn't have the one I wanted. I did try on another one but it wasn't so special so I left it. They are getting more of that jewellery range in this week so I'll have another look next time I'm in town. 

It had been threatening to rain all day and had gone from very warm to rather cold when I did my food shopping at Tesco's. No thunder storms thank goodness but it's now wet and very windy outside.
The sheep in this field look like a job lot of all varieties and I expect they will go for meat once the lambs have grown. The fleeces don't fetch any money and it looks like the farmer is saving on the cost of shearing and just letting the winter wool fall off. The whole field is littered with clumps of wool. A shame really.

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happyone said...

Yes, what a shame that the sheep wool isn't being used.
The cheese cake sounds soooo good. Haven't had any for a while now.
Sounds like you're really putting a lot into your exercising. Good for you!!
We've had a wet and dreary day here and it is quite chilly too.