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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


It has rained all day long. This led to an extra long guitar session though the 6th string is proving a challenge to both fingers and brain. I also had a good sort out in one of the spare rooms that's currently being used to store empty boxes and things brought down from the loft. Knowing we would move eventually we kept all the boxes and packaging from more fragile items bought in the last few years. The end result of today's efforts was a much tidier room, a few things to give away and a bag of rubbish. Now I suppose I ought to get back up into the loft and bring down more of the things that have been up there for 23 years. In between doing other things I also backed up my photo files, something I had been a bit lax about recently.
I needed a waterproof coat just to go outside and take some photos. When I looked at the plant nursery I couldn't believe how many weeds there were, some of them a couple of inches high. I thought I'd been doing a good job with my constant hoeing but obviously it wasn't good enough. I carefully stashed my camera in the potting shed (aka ex hen house) and began hand weeding. It's only been a year since the main beds were a weed ridden plot so it isn't that surprising to find so many seedlings.

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happyone said...

I know how you feel about the weeds. I just get caught up and have to start over again.
Still weeding is better than doing housework. : )