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Sunday, 7 May 2017


The sun has shone all day long accompanied by a light breeze making it one of those days when it feels like being on holiday. Especially as there are very few cars coming down to the stables on a Sunday. Before heading outside I did some sorting of stuff into big plastic storage boxes though I'm not sure how useful it was to empty a cardboard box of wrapping paper, gift bags etc. into a bigger plastic box with a lid. I suppose being able to stack the boxes is better for storage and also for moving, whenever that happens.
I tried to avoid doing any gardening today but I just can't help pulling out any weeds I spot when walking around the garden. The wisteria is doing really well this year and because the weather has been unusually dry there have been fewer snails around to munch on the flowers. I've been seeing a few butterflies around and today spotted the first damselfly, a red damselfly sunning itself on the wisteria.
Sitting outside at the back of the house the air was filled with the blackbird's song. If I listened carefully I could hear an answering blackbird further down the valley. Last night I listened to several hours of R4's special dawn chorus programme which had live birdsong from around the world. I can't say it was that successful as the links between locations weren't that smooth and in one UK location they kept saying "There's the bittern booming again." (This was at 12.30) and I for one couldn't hear anything. Still it was a good idea and I have to remember that many people in urban environments don't get much chance to hear bird song.

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