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Sunday, 14 May 2017


We stayed up late last night watching Eurovision last night and thoroughly enjoyable it was too.  The winning song wasn't my favourite but it was a good song and the backstory was touching.
Today has been sunny once more again with quite strong winds. Right now the sky has turned an ominous dark grey so we may be in for another wet night. Outside in the garden I did some tidying up of the heather banks, pulling out the long grass that was creeping in around the edges. Even though the flowers are looking a bit faded the air was filled with the buzzing of bees including lots of honey bees. I had to be careful not to get stung as I clipped back the heathers which had grown over the small access path. I don't mind the actual sting but over the years my body's reaction has gone from a small bump easily soothed with an ice cube to the whole of my upper arm swelling up. Whenever I've mentioned it in response to the 'Any allergies?' question in the hospital the doctors have looked bemused and it earned me a red wristband at the Nuffield Hospital. It's a shame as I would have liked to keep bees but I don't think it's worth the risk.
Naturally I took advantage of the sunshine to sit outside and read. There's something very soothing watching the dappled shade dancing to the wind.
I'm still working away at my teach-yourself guitar efforts. Having realised I needed to correct my finger placement I went right back to the start of the book and have just worked my way back up to the 6th string. It's a challenge but they do say that the way to keep your mind active is to learn new things. Something to do with making new pathways in the brain.

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