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Friday, 26 May 2017

Still Sunny.

Two sunny days in a row, I could get used to this. I was up bright and early and was so enthused by the lovely weather that I left the house for my gym session 15 minutes before I needed to. I quickly realised my mistake and pulled in to a gateway from where I could see for at least 20 miles across the countryside, 50 if you count the hazy plateau of Dartmoor looming in the distance. I just listened to the radio and enjoyed the view for a while. As usual I enjoyed the back class in the gym at the hospital. They've finally fixed the air conditioning  and I was able to pick an exercise bike that was in line with one of the vents and then moved to a mat which was also in line with a cool breeze. Afterwards opening the door into the corridor was like walking into a wall of heat. Outside things were better as a warm breeze was blowing. Then it was a quick drive back home past fields in which contractors are working away to cut and bale the grass. Most of the fields round here are pasture but for those farmers who make silage it is a gamble and a race against the weather to get the grass cut and dried. No doubt the tractors I can hear now will work on into the night to get the job done.
With the thought that we might be due for some heavy rain I trimmed some of the branches I cut off the hedge the other day and used them to support some of the hardy geraniums which tend to flop over when they get wet.
Then I was off to town again, this time for a doctor's appointment. That was mainly for a report in about the progress my back is making and the effect of the change of spray for my sinuses. As I guessed there isn't much else on offer apart from the stuff I'm already using and the more specialised antibiotics are too precious to be using on a fairly minor sinus infection. When I say precious that is in terms of not overusing them and making them ineffective for serious things such as operations. While I was there I did throw in a 'funny' feeling in one ear, it often feels like there is liquid trickling in there but there was nothing to seen apart from too much wax in the other ear. I took some home made chocolate chunk biscuits in for my doctor (we don't often do things like that here) as she has been so helpful and supportive and why not say Thank you.
The roadworks continue at the hospital traffic lights which are now a roundabout. Yesterday as I drove in the stationary traffic trying to get up the hill trailed right back to Rotary Gardens not that far from the next set of traffic lights. Today as I sailed past I hastily counted the cars whilst keeping an eye on where I was going, and there were 75 vehicles stuck there. Needless to say I diverted up Pilton Street on my way home and only had 6 or 7 cars in front of me while we waited for the lights to change. 
While I'd been out Peter had been showing some people around the house. It certainly was a perfect day to show off the garden. When I got back home I reinstated my dams across the road and then cleared the gully that runs down the middle of our drive. Peter had cut the central grass strip with the strimmer but there were leaves and even plants growing in gully. Now I can relax knowing that if the water does come down past the dams it should be channelled into the gully and not wash the gravel away.
We've finally come to the conclusion the Squeaky is almost or totally deaf. She doesn't respond to any noise even close to her ears. Poor old thing, she's doddery enough as it is. She likes to sleep in the sun and often I check to see if she is still breathing. She still seems to be alright for the moment.

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happyone said...

Glad to hear you're having some nice sunny days.