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Thursday, 1 June 2017


It didn't seem as if the weather could make up its mind this morning. I hung up the washing and put things out to air then when a black cloud loomed overhead I hedged my bets and brought half the washing in to dry over the rayburn. It then proceeded to get sunnier and warmer. 
As Peter planned to do the mowing later on I decided to cut the lawn edges with the long handled shears. They weren't too sharp so I channelled my inner sheildmaiden as I sat outside going over the blades with a whetstone before sniping away.
Every day new flowers bloom in the garden.

Later on in the afternoon I sat at the table outside  sewing one of my patent coat carrying straps. With our unreliable weather it's usually wise to take a waterproof coat when out walking. One thing I really dislike is getting hot when I walk and I'm not keen on wearing a backpack or tying my coat around my waist. So I devised a lightweight strap which can secure a rolled up coat and be slung across my back. I also have extra long straps on my camera and binoculars so that I end up looking like an old fashioned peddler. Yesterday's walk reminded me that I hadn't made one for Peter despite saying I would last year. A quick search through all my saved straps yielded the materials needed and now Peter has his own strap. I also added some modifications, extra pieces of the soft sections of the Velcro so that the strap can be used with less bulky items of clothing.
My pink coat securely rolled up.

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