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Monday, 5 June 2017


It is cold, windy and very wet today, typical for a British summer. The morning had started off dry and I thought we had escaped the bad weather but all too soon in came the rain. 
While Peter went off to get the filter and UV thingy for our water system I drove up to the top of the drive with the recycling before leaving my car by the field gate as we have a viewing first thing tomorrow. Actually it's not 1 but 2 viewings, one after the other.  
Apart from listening to the rain I've been tidying up and doing some extra cleaning. I know it's daft but I like the bathrooms to be sparkling clean if I know somebody is coming to look at the place. There are a few boxes of re-packed ceramics and glass lurking in corners while I wait to hear from my youngsters if they would like anything. If not I want to get them to the charity shops before I start taking stuff out to keep. Already 2 small bowls have made it to the 'keep' pile.
The older goslings look like mini-geese now.

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happyone said...

Oh I always like a sparkly bathroom too.
Some rain for us today too, but after 5 days of no rain it is good for the flowers.