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Saturday, 17 June 2017


Summer is with us once more with the heat being tempered by a light breeze. Tempting as it was to spend all day relaxing outside had I done so I would probably have burnt myself to a frazzle and there were still things to be done.
We were up early as Peter had hours of driving ahead to go and collect the exercise bike. Meanwhile at home I had the washing machine working hard getting wash after wash done. Not only the bedding but some vintage linen for the charity shop (didn't want to give them musty goods) and the under blanket/fleece we have on our bed. It was so hot that as soon as one wash was done the washing out on the line was dry and ready to bring in. I even put our duvet out to air in the sun.
Although there is plenty of room in the first half of the sitting room I didn't want the exercise bike to dominate the room especially when people come to view. Luckily it fitted neatly by the sofa with a good view of the television.
Out in the garden I used the shears and the scissors to trim the long grass on the bank under and around the azaleas. That was hot work and I was glad to have a rest and a read sitting in the sun lounger looking over the neatly cut lawns. I was back out in the sun a bit later on with the excuse of drying my hair in the sun after a shower. By that time we had lost the sun down by the house so I took an old wicker chair up to the sunny washing lines where the upturned laundry basket made a handy table for my cup of tea. I just fancied a change from sitting by the scree garden which was, and still is as sunny.


happyone said...

Hope you get a lot of use out of your exercise bike. : )
It is amazing how fast the wash can dry outside when it is warm. Quicker than a dyer!!

Madison Grace said...

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