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Monday, 26 June 2017


I had to go to town again today as there was something I needed to do at the bank. This gave me the opportunity to take in more stuff to the charity shops, this time the air ambulance and Oxfam shops. The day has been mainly overcast and when I left home it looked as if we might get rain so I put a bodywarmer and a raincoat in the car. I needed neither as it was noticeably warmer in town.
Heavy though it is my camera is always with me so I took a few pictures in town. There are still a number of these medieval cobbled alleyways in town but it is hard to think that apart from the High Street all the streets were once like this.  Imagine a maze of narrow alleys filled with people going about their business, children playing and animals roaming including pigs. It is recorded that the pigs kept by the townsfolk were a real nuisance in the market held in the High Street in the days before the Pannier Market was built.
Traffic hold up on the way home.

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happyone said...

Yes, it is hard to imagine all that going on in such narrow lanes.