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Friday, 2 June 2017

Mostly Wet.

Light rain was falling steadily as I set off for the last of my early morning gym sessions at the hospital. It makes such a difference to be able to use the roundabout and not queue for ages at the turn off for the hospital.
After the back class I drove over to the doctors' to pick up a letter and then on to park at Lidl's so I could walk into town. I took the box of glasses and goblets to the charity shop as none of my youngsters had wanted any of them. The box had been packed and moved twice already and I'd no intention of putting it back in storage again.
As I left town it was dry but once I turned onto the country roads and went up the hill past Hartland View I found myself in the clouds.
I took these photos from the spot where I usually photograph the view towards Exmoor or the sheep in the field. 
One of my town jobs was to pick up a book Peter had ordered at the bookshop and to use a book token of my own. I did get the girl to check if they could get hold of My Life on Lundy by Mr. Gade but it is out of print. Instead I asked her to order the latest hardback copy of Tales from a Perilous Realm illustrated by Alan Lee. I'd borrowed it from the library but thought it would be nice to have my own copy. I was pleased to hear they had a copy on the shelf and I still have £3 lift on my voucher. No doubt you will have noticed that the book I brought home isn't Tales from a Perilous Realm but Beren and Luthien. I was fine with the 'mistake' as I already have several if not all of the stories in the Tales... and although Beren and Luthien is included in The Silmarillion which I have it is good to have it as a separate book.
Back home it felt like an afternoon to curl up on the sofa with a boxed set (GOT?) and plenty of snacks. That wouldn't have helped my diet so instead I prĂ©cised my blog notes for this spring now that it is officially summer. Squeaky came down from her spot at the top of the stairs where she can watch the birds and get a stroke from whoever goes past and sat purring on my lap while I wrote.

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