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Tuesday, 13 June 2017


After a fairly nice start the afternoon has been wonderfully warm and sunny. You might almost think it was summertime. My first job of the day was to sweep up the dry rose petals and leaves from the front patio and tidy up the raised gravel bed.  
While the cats slept companionably outside enjoying the warmth I filled my car with boxes to go to the charity shop tomorrow.
Hard as it was to drag myself away from the sun the loft still needs emptying. By shifting pictures around I was able to get 2 more boxes of 'treasures' down.  I saved a couple of small bowls and some shells but this lot will go soon. It was like a sauna up in the loft but if I do a little bit at a time it will all get done.
I washed my hair and let it dry as I sat out in the sun for the end of the afternoon. We lose the sun by the house later in the afternoon but it is so tempting to go and sit up by the scree garden or by the washing lines where the sun still shines. However exercises and supper call so I'll content myself with looking out at the sun on the trees. 


happyone said...

We've had a warm summer like day too.
I like the two plates with the flowers and spotted a green piece of Wedgewood you had laid out. I have quite a few pieces of the blue that I collected when we lived in Scotland.

Ruta M. said...

Unfortunately the Wedgewood plate is one of only 2 pieces so far that were broken. I'll glue it anyway before giving it to he charity shop.