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Sunday, 11 June 2017


We had quite a few sunny spells today and with the sun came our new estate agent. He had been waiting for the sun before coming out to take photos. He also took the inside photos which had me running around tidying the bedroom and the kitchen. It looks so much better and would be nice to live without all the clutter but I can't see that would actually be practical. Some things just need to be at hand for everyday living.
As I did my morning exercises I realised that another of my exercises in which I raise my arms above my head as I lie on the floor also uses the underarm muscles so might also be contributing to the wonderfully disappearing bingo arms.  I can make this exercise more effective by keeping my hands above the floor rather than resting them while I do the core strengthening exercise and/or holding hand weights which we do have. As all my summer tops are sleeveless it would be confidence boosting not to have old lady flappy arms.
I made it outside again today for some weeding but once again I was diverted from my original plan to weed round the pond. This time I set to work tidying up the long grasses in the ornamental grass bed. I have come to the conclusion that putting that corner (below) to rights would be a major project which I don't really have the time for. Instead I just got rid of the worst of the weeds especially the brambles and tree seedlings.

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happyone said...

Just getting caught up reading your blog and nice to hear and see whats been happening with you. : )