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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


It rained last night and continued raining all through the day. That made it the perfect day for baking a double batch of chocolate cookies. That should keep Peter going for a while and I might possibly have the occasional one too. 
Peter has also been cooking. The other day we were watching the programme Eat Well for Less when they showed how to make a doner kebab at home. We rarely have a take-away meal, mainly due to cost and distance but also because you don't know what goes into the food or else have a horrible idea of what might. Also we hardly eat any salt so restaurant as well as processed food can taste unbearably salty. But  a doner kebab is Peter's absolute favourite so he thought he'd give the recipe a go. I've already had a tiny taste and I can vouch for it being absolutely delicious as well as simple to prepare.
As it is much cooler I ventured back up into the loft. This time to start bringing down any of the framed pictures that were by artists other than my mother. I plan to check that the pictures are not by anyone famous ie. worth a lot and if not I shall donate those to charity as well though I may keep some just for the frames.
So far I'm keeping up with my exercise regime of half an hour on the bike. I'm not sure how accurate the calorie counter is which doesn't really matter but according to it I burn around 120 calories in my half hour. I certainly need a shower afterwards so I must be doing my heart some good as well as strengthening my leg muscles.

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