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Saturday, 3 June 2017

A Few Sunny Spells.

It's been a day of brief showers and the occasional sunny spell. A good day for scrambling around in the loft. Between us we got 3 more boxes down though as they were heavy I had to unload into a shopping bag which I then handed down to Peter. Not surprisingly he still remembers the effort it took to get the boxes up there. I can't imagine why I thought we needed to keep large and heavy Pyrex casseroles. I'm only bringing down a few boxes at a time as I like to sort everything and get it boxed up for the charity shop or even the recycling area at the dump.
The first box had some interesting items some of which my youngsters might like, if not it's down to the charity shop for this lot.
These were the only things I decided to keep, a good medium sized saucepan, some large storage jars and a pine utensil box. After all that sorting there was time to write up Spring 2017 into my journal, might as well start as I mean to go on. 
A giant dragonfly ( length 3.5") waiting for the chill of the morning to wear off. 
 A young female chaffinch seen through the stair window. I love the baby fluff on its head.

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