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Friday, 16 June 2017


While other parts of the country basked in the summer heat it took until late afternoon for the sun to make an appearance. My first job of the morning was to pack up a few things which I had sold on eBay so that Peter could take them to the Post Office in town. I decided that I would try and turn my online earnings into specific things and I've already placed an order for a .....hula-hoop! A proper weighted one but not one of those with the bumps on the inside as I bruise very easily. I'd liked the idea of a hula-hoop after we had a circus skills day at school but they are quite pricey. As all my physiotherapy has been about improving my core strength and flexibility hula-hooping seems a fun addition to my exercise regime.
On the same fitness theme I finally bought an exercise bike on eBay as it would benefit both of us. It was only after I bought it and Peter made arrangements to collect it there was a sudden flurry of measuring the insides of our cars to see which one could hold the bike. Surprisingly my car turned out to have a larger capacity that the bigger looking 4x4 Rav so Peter will be driving it tomorrow.
I hung out some things on the line to air in the wind and saw one of the goose families grazing next door. It wasn't until I looked at the photo that I saw the heron on the right.
While Peter was out  some people turned up unexpectedly to view the house. They had been sent by our ex-estate agent even though when the estate agent rang Peter had told them that any further viewing would have to be through the new estate agents. Very unprofessional of them as technically if somebody originally was sent by them and decided to buy we would have to pay the fee to the original estate agent. As we are now on a lower percentage fee with the new estate agent we would lose out financially. Fortunately the house was in a reasonable state as I showed then round. I really couldn't tell what they were thinking.
I did fit in some outside reading time before the clouds reappeared. I've started with Book 1 of Game of Thrones while we are watching the dvds from the start before the next series comes out.

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