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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Rain Returns.

We had another viewing booked for 2.00 today. The later time was good in that we didn't have to rush around but could do the extra clearing away at a more relaxed pace. Our only concern was that the rain was due to return mid afternoon but in the end it held off until after the viewing. 
Today's viewers were a family who came looking with a view to setting up a multi-generational household. The small boy was entranced by the cats and the stream which luckily was less than 2" deep but we didn't get a feeling of great enthusiasm from the adults. Maybe they were just good at hiding their feelings. One couple yesterday were making all sorts of plans for accommodating 2 sets of parents and were generally much more excited. I'm not surprised and approve of the trend for families who can afford it to set up multi-generational homes with an annex for the older generation. I would love to eventually be living close to our family but I can't see us moving back to a city or urban environment. 
Once the rain set in it turned quite cool, the sort of day to curl up with a good book and maybe some biscuits. We are both feeling somewhat tired possibly due to all that excitement yesterday.

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