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Friday, 9 June 2017


As we feared the Tories won the election but at great cost. From having a healthy majority they now don't have enough MPs to form a government and last I heard they were looking to make some sort of alliance with a small group of Irish MPs. On the plus side they won't be able to bulldoze through their legislation to cut and/or sell off police, schools and the health service. 
I was back at the hospital today for an appointment with a physiotherapist. I've made good progress and will need to carry on with my exercises to build core strength and flexibility but I don't need to go to any more early morning back classes. She even said it would be fine to start using the rowing machine and to do the plank again.
After the hospital I went on into town to do some food shopping. Being a Friday it was quite lively in town with the South American pan pipe players busking in the street. I also took a big box of glass and ceramics to the Oxfam shop and when I was at Tesco's I put a pair of old curtains in the textile recycling bin.

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