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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Mostly Grey.

It looks as if summer is over, at least for the moment. The morning was overcast with quite strong cool winds and the garden thermometer reading 16C/61F. The sun eventually made a half-hearted appearance later in the afternoon which did warm things up a bit.
I got some weeding of one of the stone walls done in the morning and then my afternoon was spent in town.

This time I was successful in getting a number of things done in one trip; filling up with petrol, changing my book at the library, checking out the cards at Clinton's which is having a £1 sale on Saturday, dropping a bag of clothes off at the Hospice shop and 2 boxes of stuff to the cancer research shop, some shopping at Lidl's and getting my ear syringed at the doctors'. It was a junior nurse who did the syringing though she did call in a more senior nurse to check my ear at the end. I mentioned to her at the time that I was feeling quite dizzy and even now 3 hours later I still feel dizzy. I had a quick look on line and the BMJ says the water should be at body temperature otherwise it can cause dizziness and/or vertigo and guess what the water she used felt cold in my ear. I'm tempted to ring the surgery tomorrow, not to get the nurse in trouble but so that she is reminded about the correct water temperature for future patients.
At home I had another go with the hula-hoop. I wasn't so successful today but I persuaded Peter to take some photos.
When I woke up this morning I found myself paying the price for wearing my swimsuit while gardening. I hadn't overdone it with the sun though in this erratic climate we do tend to soak up the sun when it makes an appearance. Nope, I'd been bitten by horse flies, 2 bites on one hip and 4! bites on the other. I'm one of those unfortunate people who get bitten and those bites itch like mad. I am leaving them alone after dabbing on some anti-inflammatory ointment and took an anti-histamine tablet but they are driving me mad.

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happyone said...

Oh I remember hula hoops. : ) Haven't tried one in years!
61 degrees here is a typical summer morning.