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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Election Day.

It's the General Election Day when we try to vote in a new government. Sadly the party supported by big business, the rich and those aspiring to become rich will most probably be back in power again. In 2015 they got into power with 36.9% of the votes so not exactly representatives of the people. We have voted tactically in an effort to reduce their power and the guy we voted for does involve himself in local issues. We can but hope.

This is the local village hall, once the village school, where we went to cast our votes. We were the only people there apart from the 2 people in charge. We've met them before and I used to work with their daughter so we had a long chat before driving home.

It had been raining all morning and we had arrived at East Down in what could only be described as a cloudburst. By the time we left the rain had stopped and for the rest of the day there were occasional hot sunny spells.
When we got home I found to my horror that the cloudburst had taken out one side of the drive! I had failed to go up and check the dam after the postman and the plumber had been and that small error led to water pouring down from the road. I repaired the damage muttering darkly as I shovelled and raked the gravel back into place.
The plumber had been here to install a water filter and UV thingy to guarantee that the water from the bore hole is safe to drink. We've been drinking it for nearly 24 years and never come to any harm but understandably buyers need the reassurance of a filter. They didn't come cheap, the UV thingy cost nearly £500 alone.  
I couldn't resist taking this photo of Peter eating his breakfast in front of 2 starving cats. My porridge doesn't hold the same attraction. 
How long can a family of Great Tits share a feeder before they begin to quarrel? 

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