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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Increasingly Wet.

We've had every form of drizzle today, starting off with a drizzle so light you could hardly feel it and working up to almost raining and then proper rain.
This morning I polished up the silver (plate) serving spoons I had decided to keep.
Then I put on my old gardening coat and went out to do some weeding.
I had intended to weed the path around the pond but some bracken and other weeds in the bank caught my attention first. One weed led to another and then I began to dig up some of the hardy geraniums (they are as tough as old boots and will recover quickly) to get to the grass roots deep underneath.
While I wouldn't have thought my exercise regime was that strenuous today I noticed that my bingo wings have just about disappeared. I can only think that the one exercise I do on my hands and knees pulling in my core stomach muscles must be the cause as the other exercises are done lying on my back. I'm not complaining. 
Just looked up to see a bedraggled buzzard sitting on a fence post.

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