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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Gale Force Winds.

Yesterday's heavy rain eased off by the evening only to be followed by gale force winds. I looked through the bedroom window late last night to see branches and trees lashing back and forth in the strong winds. It's been windy all day and now the wind seems to be gaining in strength once more. 
There has been so much toing and froing here that  it has felt like Piccadilly Circus. With only slight groans we were up early to prepare the place for the morning's viewings. I took Peter's car up the hill to leave the yard clear for all our visitors. I had a pleasant walk back down and felt quite refreshed by the wind and sun. The estate agent arrived on time only to be followed by the oil tanker coming to top up the tank (he had been asked to come after 11.00). This driver hadn't backed down the drive so I got him to turn around in the yard first before the viewers arrived. Next we got a phone call to say they would be a bit late because despite clear instructions they had used their satnav and ended up at Rookabear Lane. That gave enough time for the oil man to fill the tank and go. Then there were more phone calls because the next lot of people had done the same thing and followed their satnav. Eventually both viewings were done and Peter and I walked up the drive to collect our cars. We were quite amused to see 3 ewes and 3 lambs had strayed into one of the ponies' fields and then were making their way down to the stables. The nearest sheep to us at the moment are the ones beyond Ashelford Corner.  
Before bringing our cars down we carried on walking to Bowden Corner. It was hard work walking into the wind but fun being blown along on our way back 
Earlier Peter had noticed that a split branch in one of the trees on the far side of the stream was lying on the cable that brings electricity to the house.  
He rang the electricity company and within a couple of hours 3 men came down in a van. They had a handy saw attached to poles, a bit like drain rods, and they eventually got the branch down. I suggested they also took down the dead branch above and they did that one too. They cut up the branches with a chainsaw and threw them into the undergrowth on the far side of the stream.  No more worries about losing our power supply.
After a busy and exciting morning I had a peaceful afternoon baking some chocolate cookies and doing a bit of cleaning. 

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happyone said...

You had an interesting day. : )
Fun to see the horse on his back and those sheep walking along.
Hope you hear back from the people viewing your house with some good news.