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Thursday, 29 June 2017


It's been a cold (12C/53F), grey day with frequent rain in the morning. The forecast has just said we may get heavy rain in the night so I've been up to reinforce my dam across the road. 
I didn't go back up in the loft today as I wanted to sort out the pictures that I've already brought down. That included searching the internet to see if there is anything truly valuable. Not much luck with that though there are a couple of pictures it might be worth taking to the experts.  I got excited when I identified one artist but the only place I could find a price was eBay where a similar picture sold for £16.00. That's not going to send us off on a holiday. The bigger charities have art specialists who know where to sell art work so unless my youngsters want them, doubtful, then the charity can benefit.

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