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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Wet Morning.

Once more we woke to hear the sad news that there had be another terrorist attack this time in London with 7 people killed and 49 injured. We can only hope with the General election next Thursday that no more people lose their lives in such a senseless way.
First thing this morning looking out of one window the sky was blue while the other showed grey cloud. Rain quickly set in with the sun returning late in the afternoon.
I thought I might as well go back to my loft clearing and it's a good thing I did. I had thought there were possibly 2 boxes left to deal with but after I had done those 2 I discovered 4 more behind the many pictures that are up there. I was able to reach into one box and above is most of the collection of things I brought down while below are the few things I plan to keep. The serving spoons will look good when they're polished (I've run out of polish). I worked out a good system of loading up a strong hessian shopping bag with things to get them out of the loft and down the ladder but crawling around up there really does take it out of my knees.
I did end up getting some things done in the garden. I started by cutting back the honeysuckle which was winding its way around some roses. That lead to a bit of here and there weeding as I noticed weeds appearing amongst the flowers. 
Peter tells me that we could be in for some serious rain tonight so I reinforced the dam so it goes right across the road and took up the grills that cover the gutter that runs across the top of the drive. Better safe than sorry. 
Although Peter has been doing the mowing, for which I am truly thankful the patch of grass by the apple trees has been left out and the grass had grown too tall for mowing. Not wanting to haul the strimmer around I did my best with the long handled shears. Having done that I ended up getting the mower out to make it all look tidy once more.

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happyone said...

So sorry to hear of yet another attack. What a crazy world.

I love the blue dish.