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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Wet and Windy.

The day has been mostly wet, windy and cold with occasional brief moments of sun. The only outside job I've done was to take off little apples forming on the trees so that there is just one apple at each cluster. It's something I usually don't get round to doing so that in autumn there are lots of small apples with few of them being big enough to use.
The rest of the day seems to have flown by without much being done except exercising whilst watching Glastonbury. Lots of pedalling on the exercise bike and even some hula-hooping. 
Peter has been occupied trying to find out if something untoward is happening with our internet as our poor connection is even worse than usual. I blame the wet weather but he suspects something using our connection illegally. At the least he blames the fact that I keep FaceBook open.

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