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Thursday, 15 June 2017


We had rain in the night and today a cold wind has been blowing. That made it a good day for going back up into the loft. I had to do a lot of moving pictures around to get to the boxes behind them under the eaves but apart from one box behind a lot of large pictures that is it.  
There were a couple of small suitcases filled with old embroidered items and pieces of fabric. I may keep some of the fabric until we move into the house after next as I've always made curtains and cushion/chair covers or for craft projects but most of the stuff will go to the charity shop. I'm also keeping the lion's feet and definitely want to incorporate the art nouveau fireplace tiles in our final home.
The only thing I did outside today was to make a cover for the down pipe that I cleared yesterday. My first idea was to use a piece of lino but then I got ambitious and used some sheet metal cut from 2 drinks cans. The metal was thin enough to cut with scissors and pliable enough to bend around the open top. That should stop the small seeds, leaves etc. falling into the drain pipe.


Harriet said...

Beautiful tiles, Ruta.

happyone said...

You sure have busy up in that loft!!
We got some rain this evening which was good for the gardens.