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Saturday, 24 June 2017


It's been a grey day with a lot of drizzle/rain. I set the alarm for 7.30 as I planned to go to the card shop sale so naturally I woke at 5.30 and 6.30 by which time I gave up and made myself a cup of tea. It was a bit harder to find a free 1 hour parking space in the residential streets but I was still in town before 9.00. I assumed that shops open at 9.00 but the card shop must have been among those that opened at 8.30. It didn't matter as the rain may have put some people off and the shop was busy but not too crowded. Having made my earlier recce I went straight to the most expensive cards and got all bar one of the cards I was after and a few more. I ended up with 26 cards which sounds like an awful lot but I have 10 family and close friend birthdays  each year. Some of the cards were for specific people while others were more general and I got a couple of in-case occasion cards. When I set the cards out at home there were an awful lot of cut outs, glitter and jewels along with some holographic cards. I'm such a sucker for shiny or sparkly things. I may have spent £26 but when I added up the original prices they totalled nearly £96. This was a one day sale but there seem to be sales on everywhere. I did look at some clothes, as if I didn't have enough, and bought a peach coloured cotton top to go with the light flowery trousers I bought recently.
Back home I had a quiet afternoon. I unpicked part of the logo from one of Peter's work polo tops, something I wish I hadn't started as the machine embroidery was a nightmare to remove. My original intention was to remove the logo (They were not good employers)  and leave Peter's name but now it says EAT instead of EATON and that will have to do.
It's Glastonbury once more and I spent a happy half hour cycling while watching Radiohead.
I went out to put the vegetable peelings on the compost heap and found this tiny toadlet. Why are little things so cute?

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happyone said...

Cards can be expensive. The Dollar General here in my town has some very nice cards that only cost 50 cents which I think comes to about 40 pence.

That tiny frog is so cute. It seems any little thing is cute no matter what it is.