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Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Scorcher.

Another day of wall to wall sunshine. I did one machine load but then ran out of things to wash. Instead I hung up the contents of one of my clothes storage boxes to air. It was all sleeveless t-shirts and tops ( not going to admit how many) but I have taken out one to give to the charity shop.  
I was having a cool down indoors sitting at my pc when I heard an almighty crash from the kitchen. When I went to investigate I found a cafetiere smashed on the floor and the culprit - Speedy making his way out of the door. At first I thought it had fallen when Speedy tried to find a space on the small shelf by the rayburn, something he tries to do even though he knows it's not allowed. But that didn't seem very likely as the cafetiere sits at the back of the shelf and had at least 10 inches to the edge of the shelf. I could only assume that Speedy had deliberately knocked it down. Due to his fixation with food he will knock any sealed container off the counters as he knows that sometimes the lid will fall off so he can get at the contents. I'm surprised though as both cafetieres, the standard size one now broken and a single cup one which I use each morning, have been kept on that shelf for quite a while. Because the knitted cosy was on the cafetiere most of the glass stayed inside and was easy to clean up. I've kept the metal parts as I may be able to get just the glass container. Afterwards Speedy lay outside looking as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
Peter went off to help with the rowing taster sessions while I put on a swimsuit (to catch the sun) and cut back the now finished flowering stalks of the London Pride on the bank. That would have been relatively easy but there was quite a lot of grass and other weeds to remove at the same time.
That still left us with time to relax sitting outside listening to the birdsong and watching a buzzard lazily circling in the sky. The rooks are quiet at the moment, probably out foraging in the fields.

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happyone said...

We've had a warm sunny day here too. In the afternoon we walked around HT.