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Friday, 23 June 2017


It has been overcast all day with strong but not too cold winds blowing. Squeaky was back at her usual spot warmed by the hot water pipes where she can keep an eye on the bird feeder, still being rapidly emptied by the woodpecker,  and get stroked every time one of us goes up or down the stairs.
Outside the wind is creating showers of rose petals though the bright pink rose, Morning Jewel has always proved highly resistant to the strong winds we get here. 

I've spent the afternoon tidying up the stone walls by the scree garden. Up till now I've turned a blind eye to the speedwell and ivy-leaved toadflax as they are quite pretty in themselves but now they're covering over the small sedums planted between the stones and it's time for them to go. It was still pleasantly warm with the wind roaring in the trees until a brief shower sent me back indoors. The flock of about 15 dispossessed jackdaws which has been searching for a new home since the fire seems to have settled down. Yesterday they kept getting chased off by the rooks that live in the tall trees by the lake.

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happyone said...

Oh that first pink picture is so pretty, looks so delicate.
Boy has it been windy here today!!