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Monday, 12 June 2017


Listening to the weather forecast on the radio was a bit frustrating. First they gave the forecast for the north-west of the country, then the south-east and that was it. Down here in the south-west it was a matter of look out of the window and take a guess. In the end we had a dry day with occasional sunny spells and a lot of wind.
So finally I got round to weeding the path around the pond and snipping at the grass edge with my scissors. It all looks a lot tidier now.
The new estate agent sent through the house details and photos they will be using and I have to say they look pretty good. I also like the way they have used a standard lens rather than the slightly distorting fish-eye lens used by the previous agents' photographer. 
Later in the afternoon I decided to stretch my legs with a walk up the hill. I was sheltered  from the strong wind by the hedge as I walked up but was grateful for my bodywarmer once I got out on to the road. 
I only went to the first gateway along the road before heading back. When we move into town I am so going to miss being able to go for such a lovely walk straight from the house but I'm sure that will spur me on in the search for our eventual home.

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