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Friday, 31 March 2017

Sun and Rain.

We had some bright sunshine in the morning with an occasional shower. Hoping that the day would improve I threw some towels in the washing machine but the afternoon drizzle meant they had to be hung up over the rayburn.
I've had a busy day, at least by my current restricted standards. First of all I repaired my Vax. Yesterday it kept cutting out as I  did my morning hovering. It didn't take too much deduction to work out that there was a loose connection in the plug. This was a fairly easy repair to do. It would have been easier if the plug wasn't one of those sealed ones meaning I had to cut it off and put on a new plug. The hardest part of that was stripping the cable. We have a handy tool to strip the actual wires but not one for the outer covering. It took me three tries before I had got the outer covering off without cutting into the wires underneath. After that it was simple and now the Vax works fine. I wonder in these days of sealed plugs on almost everything, if young people can change electric plugs or investigate faults in electrical goods?
My main morning job was to clean up the porch and put back all the boots, wetsuits & other stuff that usually lives there. After all it's only been a week since the plasterers were here.
Later on, in the afternoon I did a little plastering of my own. While the plaster on the walls, and I presume the ceiling, is as smooth as glass there were a few edges that needed finishing off. To be fair plastering usually happens before the skirting boards are put on and going over the existing artex was hard enough. We had an old bag of white plaster that I thought I would use for my work today. Possibly because it was old, the plaster set very quickly so I had to make a tiny amount each time. I was using small cottage cheese tubs to measure out equal parts of water and plaster but I found it best to only measure out half a tub of each. I got the job done though there will have to be some smoothing down of my work before painting can begin. All I can say it will be better than it was.

Out in the garden the winter flowering heathers are looking good and the pond is filled with bright kingcups.
In the afternoon a car arrived in our yard. It was a couple who thought they could drive by to have a quick look at the place. I didn't offer to show them inside but I did take the man up to look at the scree garden outbuildings. He was talking about turning them into holiday accommodation but I don't think they were what he was expecting.  

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