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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sunshine and Showers.

This morning it looked as if we were set for another day of sunshine and showers. I had only spent five minutes in the garden raking up the moss when down came yet more rain. I took an early lunch break during which it not only rained but there was hail too. I was able to go out afterwards and carry on combing the lawn with my hand rake, only one more session and that bit of lawn will be done. From my vantage point I was able to look down on the main lawns where I've spotted a lot more moss. I shall refrain from trying to get the moss out of those areas as it's just too big a job for me to tackle.
Today I took down the curtains and curtain rails in the upstairs corridor as well as the pictures hanging there and the picture hooks after which I went all domestic and baked some biscuits. They are flavoured with vanilla and I added half a tub of chopped peel that was sitting in the cupboard. I think the recipe has too much sugar as the biscuits are very sweet so I drizzled a little icing made with lemon juice on top.
I was upstairs doing my exercises and enjoying looking at the blue sky when I heard the sad news of the people being mown down on Westminster Bridge and a policeman being stabbed in what is believed to be a terrorist attack. Something like that strikes home because it is in this country at our seat of government but I wonder how many other innocent children, women and men have been killed today by terrorists or the military forces of any number of governments and haven't been mentioned in any news reports?  It is a sad world we live in and I can only be grateful that I do not wake each day fearing that my family will be bombed or shot.  

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happyone said...

Was so sorry to hear of the attack. We live in a crazy world. I pray for the families.