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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


It's been overcast all day and by the time I took these photos early in the afternoon, the clouds were about down to ground level. 
I did a little gardening in the morning. Once again I was sitting on the floor this time wielding a hand moss-rake. Moss is taking over a lot of the garden and I should have sorted out the bit of grass by the scree garden last year but didn't. There are also some thistles and dandelions to be grubbed out there but what I hadn't counted on was a nasty rough grass that it taking over as well. I tried prising some out but it has a network of roots in the soil which is difficult to remove. I even tried turning over a section of the lawn to pull the brown roots out from underneath but that didn't work. I think the only way to deal with it would be to remove all the soil and replace it with new turf. That I'm not going to do so I shall have to try and ignore it as I sit there raking out the thick moss. The bit of lawn I did now looks like a battle zone. Once I've cleared the moss and weeds Peter can mow it before I sprinkle grass seed over the worse bits. In the afternoon I wrapped up well for some quiet moss picking with my tweezers but it was actually raining so I had to admit defeat and stay indoors. I did sort out a box of ceramics (plates and bowls) most of which can go to the charity shops and be of benefit to others. What with my thrice daily exercises, guitar practice - I've now progressed to 5 strings! and writing up my journal it is hard to find time to fit everything in. Maybe that's got something to do with my very leisurely start to each day.

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happyone said...

Love the foggy pictures. We've another day of snow here. I like snow but I am getting a bit tired of it. : )