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Sunday, 26 March 2017

British Summer Time Begins.

British Summer Time starts today and it has been the most glorious sunny day worthy of the emergence of my flip-flops and shorts. Very windy but I was able to sit out all afternoon in a sheltered sun trap with book, cat and a treat bar of dark chocolate filled with pistachio mousse as it is Mothers' Day. As well as all the lovely flowers in the yellow and blue bouquet I had a beautiful hand crafted card from Vytas. I was also treated to warm croissants for breakfast eaten in bed listening to The Archers.
Yesterday I hung all the sheet dust sheets out on the line hoping the wind would blow most of the plaster dust out of them. Originally I planned to leave them out there overnight but then I worried they might get blown off the line, the wind was that strong, and end up festooned in the tops of the trees. It was already dark by the time I decided I would bring them in so out I went  armed with a torch. As I took the dust sheets off the line I looked up and for a change there was a cloudless sky with a myriad of stars above. It was such a wonderful sight that I even got Peter to come out and marvel at the stars. I should persuade him to get that app on his phone that tells you which constellations you are looking at as my knowledge is limited to the saucepan (Orion) and the saucepan with a bent handle/ the big dipper /the plough (Ursa major). Back to the dust sheets -I didn't want to have plaster dust or bits going through my washing machine so this morning I rinsed out the dust sheets in the stream, but then there were bits of gravel on the sheets and they would do even more damage to the washing machine. So back on the line went the dust sheets and by the end of the day they were dry and free of gravel and plaster. However I was not convinced they were clean enough to put over furniture or carpets so the first lot went in the washing machine and are now out on the line to dry though the wind has died down a lot.
We have discovered yet another strange food item that our boy cats like - olives! Peter offered Speedy an olive and he reacted to it in the same way as cats do to catnip, lying down and rubbing his face all over it before eating half of the olive. I offered Patch the left over half and he simply ate it. Funny cats.

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