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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Change of Car.

We had a lot more sun today with fewer clouds as the day went on. We went to pick up my new (to me) car which I was buying from my usual garage. First we drove over to the scrap place where we sold the Peugeot for scrap 😢 then to the garage to pick up the Fiesta. Definitely green not blue which I would have preferred but it is a metallic finish (which doesn't show up in the photo) and the dark green is much better than the vivid green of the pug.

It is a bit more roomy inside, has power steering and electric windows but no sun roof. It makes a nice change not to have to punch in a code before starting it. The instrument dials have white faces which make them stand out more but I can't help thinking they look like something on a 1950's cooker or old lab equipment. I have been informed that the red button on the steering column is for the hazard lights.
Coming back down the hill I stopped to take some photos of the cloud bank rolling in over the hills (see below) after which the car refused to start. I wondered if it was because I hadn't put my seatbelt on but no that wasn't why. I walked down the drive to get Peter and he drove me back up in his Rav but he couldn't get it to start either. A quick phone call to Alec whom we had bought the car from and he came out straight away with his van and junior mechanic. They got the car bump started and after taking me down to the house took the Fiesta back to the garage. Apparently the starter motor had packed up but that has been replaced and we can pick the car up tomorrow. It's so good to have a trustworthy garage and we do have some mutual friends too so it's not like going to any old garage.

While I was in Tesco's I had a look at the sale items and ended up with these snazzy sports leggings. Surprisingly they looked better than the plainer black ones which I tried on.  I put them on to show Peter and then I did my exercises in them. I don't think I'll wear them when I go for my physiotherapy sessions as they might give the poor man a headache.

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happyone said...

They are some snazzy leggins and I like them. : )
Good luck with the new car.