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Friday, 10 March 2017


While it wasn't as sunny as yesterday it has stayed pleasantly warm. At last I was able to spend some time working in the garden. Frustrating as it is to only be able to do a little at a time the end of my current job is near. Anybody watching would probably think I'm bonkers, sitting on my little mat snipping away at the grass with a pair of small garden scissors but they are so good for digging under the roots of the buttercups and other weeds. Cutting the grass is just an extra as once the grass seed goes down Peter won't be able to mow the bank for a while. Also cutting the clumps of grass exposes any weeds hiding under the grass.
It was too nice an afternoon to sit indoors so after my exercises off I went for a gentle walk up the hill with nothing but the sound of the wind and a few birds for company. I've never been a fast walker and today my pace was even more sedate to reduce the strain on my knee. (How I long for the days when I would go for a jog along the road.) What I did do was make an effort to keep my shoulders back and my neck lengthened in an effort to counteract my poor posture.
While the trees are still leafless there are subtle changes in colour indicating the swelling of leaf buds. From a distance the beech tree branches have a distinct reddish hue to their tips.
PS Peter says my new car isn't blue but more of a dark green, can't wait to see it.

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happyone said...

Glad you had a sunny day and your walk sounds lovely.
Would you believe we've had more snow today!!!