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Thursday, 2 March 2017


It's been a nice bright day today, so pleasant that I managed to spend some time sitting outside on a sun-lounger with my book and a cup of coffee. I did have a thick coat on, fingerless gloves and my sheepskin slippers to keep out the cold. As usual it wasn't long before the sun hid behind the clouds and even a warm cat on my lap (Speedy) wasn't enough and I had to give up. Squeaky was being much more sensible and was sitting on a windowsill inside the conservatory which had warmed right up with all the earlier sun.
After a very still, if wet day yesterday the winds got up in the evening and I was quite surprised to see the willow tree still standing this morning. This afternoon we got the top of the tree cut down. It landed in the perfect position, right on the path not damaging the planted areas on either side. There's still the main trunk to cut down but that is for another day.

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happyone said...

Such a pretty daffodil. It would have a dusting of snow on it if it where here.