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Thursday, 23 March 2017


I looked out of the bedroom window early this morning and saw a deer in the field next door. By the time I had gone downstairs to get my camera she had moved into the long grass. She can be seen in the centre of the photo with her head looking towards me. I saw a hind and what looked like a yearling a week or so ago again very early in the morning but those have been the only sightings this year.
It has been a nasty cold day with a sharp wind.  There was a little rain in the air but I took a chance and hung out an old bedspread/ dust sheet.
I was just finishing my morning exercises when I heard the bronze cow bell which serves as a door bell, ringing. It was the delivery man bringing the plaster. He had sensibly stopped at the top of the drive as he was driving a long van which would have had difficulty either turning in our yard or reversing around the bend. I had to ask him to bring down the sacks, all 11 of them, as there is no way either of us old crocks could carry them. Luckily I had the wheelbarrow so he only had to make 3 trips but unfortunately the tyre is quite flat. At least all that work warmed the lad up on such a cold day. I did offer him a cup of tea or coffee but he just wanted to get on. For the rest of the day I've been sorting out dust sheets and have already taped some light plastic ones over the doorways.

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happyone said...

Like that you have a cow bell as your doorbell. : )