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Wednesday, 1 March 2017


I'm sitting in a tidy and exceedingly warm house as we had a viewing this afternoon. I pulled out all the stops and even had a cosy wood fire burning in the sitting room. The viewers sounded positive but who knows?
It's been overcast and wet today. Mostly fine drizzle and occasionally heavier. Not the best way to show off the garden especially in winter. This was the view from the road in the afternoon as I walked down after parking my car out of the way. After the viewing couple had left we chatted to the estate agent for a while and then I scrounged a lift from him so I didn't have to walk up the hill.
Coming down the road where it runs between the ponies' fields I had to smile when I saw the newly emerging daffodils. All the way down, on both sides of the road there is one daffodil planted by each fence post like a line of soldiers. I'm thinking that this might have been young Jack's work as he enjoys a bit of gardening.


happyone said...

Do you ever get feedback from the people viewing your house?
We had a wet day here.

Ruta M. said...

We generally get some sort of feedback via the estate agent and the main point has been that there was too much work to be done. I think for that price people were expecting a 'show home' which this place isn't. That was before we dropped the price significantly as we decided that the original valuation was too high.

happyone said...

Thanks for answering my question. Maybe with the reduced price it will sell.
I personally like getting a house with some work to do. I think your house and property is beautiful.