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Tuesday, 28 February 2017


When I first looked out of the window this morning there was a sprinkling of white on the ground. On closer inspection it was hail which didn't take long to melt in the long sunny spells we've had today. It has still been rather cold with strong winds blowing from the west but there's been more sun than yesterday with the occasional hail shower. 
I finally got around to fixing the to step leading up to the old hens' run. It just needed a couple of old bolts to be banged into the ground to stop the wood from falling down. Funny how the camera flattens out slopes as you really can't tell from the photo that the steps are on a 45⁰ slope. (Guess who's discovered all the special characters? Now I can write some Lithuanian words correctly.)
While I was in the hens' run I noticed that the wobbly willow tree had an even more pronounced lean to it, not only that but it was swaying noticeably in the gusting winds. If it falls in the direction it's leaning that should be okay but just in case it falls towards the shed roof I decided to put a safety rope on it. Although it's only a small roof I remember that it was surprisingly difficult to replace the last time the wind caught it and blew it off the stone walls.
Luckily we do have a very long strong rope one end of which  I tied to the leaning tree and the other to a tree at the side of the garden. Then I thought that it would be better to use a stronger tree and took the rope back to a sturdy tree by the wooden sheds. That willow tree will have to come down as soon as possible but I didn't feel like tackling it today. I did do a little weeding up by the scree garden. It was good to be out in the elements.

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happyone said...

I know what you mean about the camera flattening things out somewhat. I walk up some steep hills and in the pictures they don't look very steep.
I like the look of the steps.