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Friday, 24 February 2017


The gale blew itself out overnight and if it hadn't been for the chill in the air today could have been a spring day. Lots of sun until late afternoon made it very pleasant indeed. I was able to dig out yet another basketful of weeds from the bank which is looking barer each time I clear another small section. 
In the afternoon I went to my GP for a steroid injection into my arthritic knee. This she did under the watchful eye of one of the more senior doctors as she is still in training for these injections. As I have no fear of needles I was quite happy for her to do the injection. Apart from the tiniest scratch as the needle went in there was no pain at all just a 'heavy' feeling as the steroid & anaesthetic were pushed in. I was going to take a photo for the blog but thought that might put her off a bit. In choosing later in the afternoon I had made a big mistake because by the time I left the surgery it was end of school time. Not only that but many local manufacturing companies finish early on a Friday. It took me 20 minutes to cover the half mile from the Newport traffic lights to the turn-off for Lidl's.  I prefer to buy fruit and veg from Lidl's because their prices are better than Tesco's. It then took about half an hour to drive crawl along the main road for a mile to the point where the road splits and 99% of the traffic heads for the old bridge. It was clear sailing for the rest of the way with just a short stop at the road works by the hospital.
Speedy being silly in the sun.

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