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Friday, 17 February 2017

Sunny Then Grey.

We had even more sunshine today although now in the late afternoon everything has turned grey again. I did a small amount of weeding outside and used the wire brush on the concrete under the washing lines. When I unscrewed the handle from the worn down brush I was dismayed to find that it didn't fit the new head I had bought. Luckily I had a spare metal broom handle that was just the right size to fit the new head.
While I was walking around the garden I found the body of a female blackbird. It didn't look like a cat casualty but I suspect that it had flown into the window which sometimes happens.  Poor, silly bird.
One of my indoor jobs today was to clear out several folders of school work sheets that were very useful when I worked in different schools as a supply teacher but are no longer needed. Being me I did save a boxful of poly-pockets. It seemed wasteful to just throw them away and the thought of all that plastic going into landfill doesn't seem right. However when the time comes to go through the rest of my school resources I shall just have to overcome my scruples and throw the whole lot away.

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