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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Grey and Wet.

A morning of grey drizzle turned into an grey afternoon of  rain. If for various reasons I can't be working outside and am being bored stuck indoors then I might as well get on with some of the boring jobs. So today I did some extra bathroom cleaning, how thrilling! My one moment of excitement today was when I spotted a heron down by the lake (I was taking up some scraps to the compost heap). I raced back to get my camera only to find the heron gone. But when I walked up the road there it was standing in the ponies' field. We don't see these 3ft tall birds that often so I was pleased to get any sort of photo. It flew off as soon as it saw me and though I did get some photos while it was in flight they weren't that clear. The woodpecker was back helping himself to the peanuts in the bird feeder this morning and right now there are 2 hen pheasants walking across the garden, no make that 3 4, as they head off to roost in the big beech tree.
Remember the bobble hat I knitted? Sadly, being cheap acrylic yarn it stretched and got so big it covered not only my ears but most of my nose so I've taken it apart and will re-knit it making it a lot smaller. At least that will give me something to do. (Hen pleasant number 6 is now tip-toeing across the garden.)
There they are gathering under the tree. Even more have arrived since I took this photos.

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Harriet said...

We have two small ponds that were home to goldfish. Many years ago, a heron flew over spotted the fish and had a snack. That was the end of the goldfish. A heron is such an ungainly, strange looking bird. However, a joy to see.