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Saturday, 25 February 2017


We were back to grey wintry weather today. It stayed dry until late afternoon and now the rain has really set in. The internet is running so slowly that I haven't been able to get any photos onto today's post. I get halfway through the steps and then it just ........ stops. It seems crazy having high tech communications stopped by the weather but until BT change the (more than likely) damaged telephone wires we are left with an abysmal internet that slows to a crawl whenever it rains.
The doctor advised me to rest my knee for a few days so today all I did outside was a little sweeping up of leaves. Having done all my regular indoor jobs including working on the journal and playing my guitar I thought that I might as well put aim for a spotless house. (Ha!) I decided to start on our bedroom where everything that could got a wipe down. That included all my wooden earring trees though I drew the line at cleaning the actual earrings. Peter came in just as I was wiping the tops of the underbed storage boxes  and I got a telling off for kneeling. I finished by cleaning my sword which hangs on the wall. I used some cotton buds dampened with lemon juice to take off the various marks and then wiped it carefully while making sure I didn't touch the metal with my fingers as that will cause more marks. Peter has some proper oil for me to use to protect the metal.

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happyone said...

Back to winter this evening here. Cold and windy.