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Monday, 27 February 2017

Grey, Sun, Hail, Sleet, Rain.

It looks like I'm having the same trouble again ie. the button to upload doesn't become live. And yes, it is raining.
Today started off very gloomy but the weather has swung from bright sunshine to hail and even to sleet. Mostly it has been cold, grey and wet. I went out during a sunny spell to take some photos and spent about 10 minutes pulling up weeds growing in the gravel of the grass bed up by the scree garden. For the rest of the day I've played my guitar and had a long session working on my journal. I've completed making notes from the 2013 blog. Next step is to précis and collate them and then I'll be ready to write them into the journal. Apart from skipping over the sad bits it has been fun looking at the glorious summer flowers and butterflies that were in the garden that year. I washed, dried over the rayburn and then ironed some bedding, started knitting hat #2 and that has been the sum total of my day.

Nope - not even walking away and leaving the menu plenty of time to sort itself out has worked. 😩

Ah ha! It's working this morning (Tuesday).
 During one of the sunny spells.
 The cats keeping themselves warm.

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