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Monday, 13 February 2017

Warm and Windy.

It's been a very different day today. With a mild wind blowing from the west and cloudy but blue skies all day long it was nice enough that in the afternoon I took a chair and sat outside doing my knitting.  The sheets were flapping in the breeze, frogs croaking in the pond and birds singing up in the trees not to forget the roaring of the wind through the trees. 
There was a small flock of about 9 dunnocks (a type of thrush) in the big beech tree and I could also hear blackbirds, pheasants, robins and other unidentified birds.
I finally finished knitting my bobble hat. As it's only acrylic yarn I used a lot of the remainder to make a big pom-pom, just for fun. I had bought the yarn to try out for my crochet project but went with some dark green wool I had in my wool basket.
Nothing else to distinguish the day apart from seeing on Facebook that Romas took and passed his driving test today. It is much harder to pass your test these days than it was in my time. For me the theory test was no more than a few questions from the examiner, identifying road signs and stopping distances from what I remember and a couple of random questions from the Highway Code. Now there's a separate theory test which you have to pass before you can take the practical driving test. Also there is a very long wait for the practical test as there seem to be very few examiners/ time slots. Now all he has to do now is to be able to afford the insurance which is very expensive for new drivers, I think about 10x my insurance.

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